*Before You Rent a House in Hanoi: 4 Things to Consider*

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You see quite a lot of advertisement about property renting online nowadays? So how to find the right apartment/serviced apartment/house or villa to rent? Besides what should be noted about legal procedures when you want to rent apartment in Hanoi? We know you already have your taste to choose the suitable accomodation. But we also would like to give you some more tips about a house hunting so that your decision is wiser.
🔴 The status of the house, property, equipment available in the house
To avoid conflicts, the two sides need to agree on the status of home, property, equipment in the house so that when the lease term expires. Tenants should check the apartment carefully before agreeing to rent. Any damage to your home will be incurred without prior inspection and doing a contract at that time.
🔴 Be aware of whether the apartment is being mortgaged or not
You should check whether the apartment/house/villas you want to rent is mortgaged or not. If yes, please tell the owner of the apartment whether the bank has permission to rent the apartment or not. Typically, a mortgage agreement usually states that without the approval of the bank, the apartment isn’t used for rental purposes.
🔴 Notarization, authentication
The Civil Code 2015 has inherited and formally adjusted the removal of the term of civil servant or endorsement with respect to the lease contract for a term of six months or more. However, notarization of the lease will ensure better legal value for the parties, so it is always encouraged by the authorities to implement, limiting the dispute.
🔴 Entity signing the contract
This is also quite important in the case of a rented home/villas/ apartments. If the couple’s property is in the name of the husband and wife, both spouses must jointly sign the lease contract. In the case of a signer, the authorization must be notarized or authenticated by the State.
In case of a person’s property, he / she must have one of the following papers: a certificate of his / her identity, a written certification of his / her own property, proof of inheritance and a separate donation.
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