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  • Listings of Hanoi Luxury Apartments | Hai Ba Trung Serviced Apartments, Competitive Price on both short and long term leases such as Atlanta Serviced apartment Residence , Rainbow Building, Thai Hoang Building, Do Thanh Building, Minh Huong Residences, H&H Apartment for rent Vinhomes Times City, Vinhomes Park Hill, Sun Grand City Ancora Residence, VinCom Park Palace Ba Trieu, Hoang Thanh Tower... They located in the main southeast gateway of Hanoi not far away from the city center where offers a thousand luxury apartment rentals and sales, It is well design to maximize the performance and utility of the advanced equipment system, perfect service system and bring your family an ideal living environment.

    The best way to save you time and money is telling us the most important criteria in choosing apartments such as: exact location, number of bedrooms, maximum budget and others, We will select a number of a suitable one for your visiting to finding an ideal apartment that fit your needs in a day.

    Some Tips for  Living in Hanoi.

    Hoan Kiem District & Hai Ba Trung District are probably most Hanoi central districts. They will be a bit busier and more traffic. Hoan Kiem might get overwhelming very quickly unless you get lucky and find some really nice place. Hai Ba Trung is nice, close to everything.

    It's best for you to live near your workplace if you are working in the center of Hanoi City.  It should take a 15-minute ride away from where you work. And honestly, I'd say 10 minutes ride is about the limit of what's pleasant. If you're planning to be here for months or years, make life easier on yourself.

    There are loads of cafes, bars and restaurants in Hai Ba Trung and Hoan Kiem, different cuisines on offer, plenty of good street food and you're just a couple of minutes ride away from the Old Quarter's entertainment.

    A lot of ex-pats live around West Lake, which is a very nice area. Honestly, though, if you're working in Hai Ba Trung I wouldn't recommend it. My partner used to do that commented the other way - from Hoan Kiem up to West Lake where he worked - and the daily traffic drove him crazy.

    If you tend to go to visit nicer, Lake View, western serviced apartment, if you want a more posh and/or more familiar/western lifestyle, you may want to look for apartments in Tay Ho - Westlake,  Hanoi. It's generally quieter than the rest of the city, not as crowded, but you'll also see many more westerners than other areas.

    - Ba Dinh District  & Dong Da District is 10-20min away from the center, depending on where exactly you are. living in both areas and they're your favorite places to live. It's local enough, where you don't run into stays on every corner, but at the same time close enough so you can get out to a western bar in Hoan Kiem if you need entertainment.

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