Collaborative living is becoming more and more popular in Hanoi, Viet Nam

Updated: 6/4/2020 | 7:01:06 PM

Co-living is the new evolution of shared housing which brings people together and bucks the housing model set by earlier generations.

There are two main forms of co-living spaces. The first is essentially a share-house: residents have their own room (or in some instances a bed in a dorm) and share the other facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom and living room. The second iteration is primarily a co-working space, with accommodation added, and focuses on bringing like-minded people together.

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Co-living spaces have quickly popped up in metropolitan cities worldwide and are particularly popular in areas with growing housing costs such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney. Co-living spaces in these cities appeal to local workers who want a more affordable place to call home, as well as expatriates. Co-living spaces have also cropped up in less metropolitan areas, such as Bali and Siam Reap and mainly target digital nomads who not only want to reside in areas that provide leisure opportunities and a lower cost of living but who also want a place to be productive.


Co-living spaces help young people become connected to likeminded people. They offer an easy way to establish friendship networks when people move to new cities or countries and facilitate networking between young professionals and budding entrepreneurs. Some co-living places carefully select applicants based on personality criteria to ensure that the residents co-exist peacefully and successfully.

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As the cost of accommodation rises sharply in high-density cities and with an expanding youth demographic, there is a demand for more affordable housing solutions. That is the reason why Co-living spaces have already entered Hanoi, Vietnam.
This growing trend provides new opportunities for investors in Hanoi, Vietnam, who might wish to target the 2.5 million people under the age of 30 who wish to move out.

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